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Dairy Farming / Cattle farming / Milk Processing / Animal Husbandry / Veterinary :
Dairying is the process of producing, processing and further distribution of milk in the form of processed milk. It has been attributed as an instrument for the economic and social development.
Tremendous potential exists for the large scales quality milk production through modern dairy farms to match the growth of dairy processing industry in India.
The present low level of per capital availability of the milk with booming population clearly indicates ever-increasing need as well as demand of milk in India.
Keeping all these points in the view we are looking to start Dairy Farming / Cattle Farming / Milk Producing / Animal Breeding with quality and quantity of milk. We can start milk processing with our own brand in India. We have huge land for this purpose, which is very useful for this purpose. After next three years we would be launching our International brand with different organic milk products.
Organic Farming
Principle of organic farming is to allow Mother Nature to provide us food the way nature intended. The soil is of central importance. Organic farmers nourish the soil and its micro universe of life forms rather than force feeding the plants to grow unnaturally fast. Because animal welfare matters in organic farming, animals are treated with care and respect. There are no cages, animals move free, grazing on grass and other natural pastures. Organics is about producing healthy food and fibre without the use of synthetic agri-chemicals, while ensuring animal welfare and environmental sustainability.
Logistic Park / ICD / CFS / FTWZ / Ware Housing and IQS :
Eco is in line with the company’s strategy of developing Logistics Park in India. Eco Logistic Park will operate a vegetable and fruit market, an e-business sector, and an agricultural products market.
We will provide efficient and reliable multi-modal logistics support for the country's exim and domestic trade and commerce. To ensure enhanced customer satisfaction, growing shareholder value, high growth and consolidation of status as market leader.
Floriculture / Horticulture :
  • Uttarakhand has almost all the different Agro-geo climatic zones which make it particularly conducive to commercial floriculture.
  • State Government to develop floriculture for both domestic and export markets and as means for creation of employment and income generation opportunities for farmers in the state.
  • This Sector will be accorded Industry status.
  • It is proposed to establish Floriculture Parks with common infrastructure facilities for sorting, pre-cooling, cold chain, processing, grading and packing / marketing facilities.
  • Infrastructure in the form of centers for development and supply high quality root stock and planting materials and collection and transportation network to be developed.

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Eco Friendly Food Processing Park Ltd.
49, Gujrawala Town Part-2,
New Delhi - 110 009,
Phone No.: 011-32971926
Farm add : Gokul Nagar, Kichcha,
Udham Singh Nagar,
Uttarakhand - 263 147

Existing Agricultural Land

Image A 50 year old closed sugar factory and building
Image Residential Colony and office & Godown
Image Dairy (Household) & Labour Quarters

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